Software Projects

In addition to writing software and managing infrastructure for my day job, I occasionally find a fun project to work on in my spare time. I primarily work in Ruby and Rails, and have built a few fun pieces of software. 

RosterFlash | TeamSnap Add-On

A companion app to TeamSnap, RosterFlash sends you an alert if a member of your team changes their availability close to game time. That way, you know immediately if you need to change your lineup plans. Uses TeamSnap's OAuth login for authentication.


  • Ruby on Rails 6

  • Sidekiq

  • OAuth 2

  • Postgres

  • Capistrano

  • Redis

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Mx. Voice | Improv Audio Software

A rewritten version of ​Mr. Voice, the software that powered sound in dozens of ComedySportz clubs since 2000. Mx. Voice is a desktop application for Windows and OS X that is designed to make finding and playing sound cues during improv shows as easy as possible.


  • Electron.js

  • Node

  • jQuery

  • Howler.js

  • Apple Code Signing

  • Windows Code Signing

  • SQLite

  • Bootstrap

TeslaPuck | Tesla/NHL API Mashup

A fun personal project that mashes up the NHL StatsWeb API and the Tesla vehicle API. If my car is parked at PNC Arena for a Carolina Hurricanes game, TeslaPuck monitors the NHL API to see if the game has gone final. If so, it uses the Tesla API to turn on climate control in my car and set the navigation for home. If the Canes win, it honks the horn and flashes the lights in celebration! Configurable for other teams/cars/arenas.


  • Ruby

  • Sidekiq

  • NHL StatsWeb API

  • Tesla API

Tourney | ComedySportz Registration

I write and manage the registration website for the annual ComedySportz World Championship festival. The registration site handles player registration, fee payment, workshop scheduling, festival communication, and more.


  • Ruby on Rails

  • Sidekiq

  • Twilio API

  • Stripe

  • Postgres

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